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Our History

Established in 2014, Evolve Education debuted on the NZX and ASX on 5 December 2014 after successfully raising NZ$132 million through an initial public offering (IPO) of its shares and acquiring the Lollipops Educare and PORSE businesses. By the end of 2015, Evolve Education had acquired over 100 ECE centres (including Lollipops Educare) and two additional businesses, Au Pair Link and ECE Management.

Having built a solid foundation through the acquisition of high-quality, well-respected brands, Evolve Education is committed to providing quality education and care that is second to none, ensuring childcare services are enjoyed by children and truly valued by parents and caregivers.

If you want to become a part of Evolve Education, you can find out more about selling your centre.


Our Vision

Evolve Education’s vision is to be a leading provider of early childhood education in New Zealand. Our vision is rooted in the firm conviction (and irrefutable evidence) that early childhood learning has a profound impact on a child’s future health, development and wellbeing. We are committed to delivering the best possible outcomes for Kiwi children and their families.

As professional early childhood educators, we strive to act with integrity in all situations. We seek to model the highest moral and ethical standards to the children in our care treating them with kindness and fairness always. We understand the need to protect their dignity and to develop their self-esteem, talents and skills because they represent the future of our nation and world. As we observe their growing skills and comment positively on their achievements, we motivate them to do the best they can.

Our holistic approach sets us apart from our competitors because we understand the value of integrating existing operators into our business model. Through further consolidation and continuity in the provision of childcare services, we are well-placed to meet the diverse needs of thousands of families here in New Zealand.


Our Culture

We recognise our role as advocates for the children in our care. This means providing a safe, respectful and compassionate environment in which pre-schoolers are recognised as people with valuable views and interests; individuals who need to feel noticed, heard and understood. When given this kind of positive attention, they thrive emotionally and their unique potential has the best chance of blossoming. Encouragement is the most valuable gift we can give them. When children feel they are genuinely appreciated by the adults in their world, they become secure and confident individuals and successful learners.


Our Quest for Excellence

At Evolve Education we regularly review our practices to ensure we are continually improving. We aim to exceed all quality requirements and to be proactive in creating the kind of change that will lead to the greater success of our group and of early childhood education as a whole. We are committed to the safety and wellbeing of our children, staff and families, and to providing an environment for the children that families can trust. We follow the best practices of the sector to ensure our policies and procedures are responsive and transparent.


Staff Development

We invest in skilled and experienced personnel as we believe people are our greatest asset. We are committed to empowering each teacher to become a leader in ECE, for we believe that the opportunity to shape and guide children’s lives is one of life’s greatest privileges.



We aim to maintain and develop a thriving and unified community where children, parents and staff can feel included, connected and embraced. Evolve Education seeks to demonstrate a holistic and inclusive outlook in every aspect of its operations, from administration and management to childcare, education and growth. We believe good relationships between the children and their educators are important, because learning should be an enjoyable experience for everyone.



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