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  • 8:00AM


    “There is never a boring day or two days that are the same. Which means every morning is a refreshing beginning. I look forward to walking into the centre in the morning to see the children and their families, knowing we’ll all have an amazing, great day together”.

    - Etana Novata -

  • 9:00AM

    Free Play

    “I became an early childhood teacher for the love of children and learning. The centre is a learning environment for both the children and the teachers. No two children are the same and each has a different perspective. Learning to understand this and using it to teach them new things is a challenge I enjoy”.

    - Stacey-Lee Porter -

  • 10:00AM

    Morning Tea

    “Morning tea, is a wonderful time for me to support the children in developing their self help skills, learn about healthy food choices and engage in small group conversation with the children. As an ECE teacher I love that I am able to be an active part of the children’s whole day in the centre”.

    - Corrine Axalan -

  • 11:00AM

    Outdoor Play

    “Energy, Energy and more Energy”. Children at times seem to have an endless source of energy and I do everything I can to match it. It means a healthy lifestyle for me too. Being vigilant whilst outdoors, for me it’s not just about being there to ensure they are safe but teaching them the tools to be safe.

    - Anneli Ammann-Sherriff -

  • 12:00PM

    Lunch Time

    “Having lunch at a centre is always a wonderful time, for me it’s a social gathering. The conversations, the mannerism all begins to grow here. As a teacher and a learner, I feel what they learn in this room will stick with them forever. The food, the talk, the self-help skills, but also their own cultural input”.

    - Sharon Gillard -

  • 1:00PM

    Art Time

    “Art, children have no restrictions in their imagination or creativity. My passion for art means I see the beauty in everything these children create. I love that their art gets documented through the centre and the pride I see shine through the children as they master a new art technique”.

    - Luanne Scheen -

  • 2:00PM

    Group TIme

    “Children are curious learners and have a lot of questions – and I may not always have the answers. I love group learning because it gives children and teachers opportunities to share knowledge, answer questions and help each other extend our learning as a team. It’s always a pleasure seeing the smiles on children's faces when they know they helped their friends.

    - Ali Alkhafaji -

  • 3:00PM

    Non Contact

    “As ECE teachers, time away from the children is important as well. Documenting their learning and development, communicating this to the parents and devising how to extend their learning. We use online tools such as Story Park and Visual Documentation Board”.

    - Carolanne Weir -

  • 4:00PM

    Story Time

    “Authenticity is a quality that children are masters of sensing. Story time, is not really a fixed time for us, if I pick up a book I can be assured I will have an audience ready in seconds. I can read the same book in so many ways to tell so many different stories. The tones, the animal noises, and even a little bit of acting”.

    - Angela Hampson -

  • 5:00PM

    Home Time

    “Children get picked up at different times, leaving with the skills they have developed and the friendships they have built. For me it’s all about the trusting relationships I have with children and their families. When a parent tells me their child told them about their great day with me, I know I am doing a good job ”.

    - Alishaa Begum -


Our aim at Evolve is to be an authority in early childhood education in New Zealand; recognized practitioners and vocal advocates of best practice ECE and champions of early childhood education as a vocation. 

We provide an aspirational pathway so Evolve staff have the chance to be the best they can be, and along the way we’re excellent career mentors. We aim to be the premier ECE employer of choice.

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