Unlocking your child’s



About Evolve

At Evolve Education Group we strive to be the strongest advocate for children growing up in New Zealand.

With over 90 early learning centres across the country, it’s our job to give under 5s the best possible start in life. Our high quality brands include Active Explorers, Learning Adventures, Lollipops, Pascals, Little Wonders, Little Earth Montessori and Little Lights. While each of these brands have their own unique flavour, they all share the same core values, and offer outstanding care and inspirational learning in vibrant centres equipped with the latest educational resources. What we do nurtures great people to be their best.

Why choose us?

  • Evolve is a leading provider of early childhood education in New Zealand
  • Outstanding teachers who love what they do and are supported to excel
  • Purpose-designed centres with top quality resources that fuel your child’s growth and development
  • Rich learning environments that are vibrant, holistic and fun
  • Innovative programmes designed to bring out the best in every child
  • Happy, safe and inclusive environment for all children
  • Collaborative partnerships with children, families and our communities – we strive to make a real difference in people’s lives
  • With more than 90 centres across seven unique brands nationwide, we offer the perfect early learning experience for every child
Our Programmes

Evolve’s innovative and well thought out programmes are expertly crafted to engage, inspire and unlock each child’s unique potential. Our holistic approach to learning is delivered through rich and diverse educational opportunities that build healthy minds, bodies, families and communities. From physical activities that develop gross and fine motor skills, to literacy and numeracy, cultural awareness, sustainability and healthy food programmes, we’re here to ensure every child is given the very best start in life.

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Ages and stages of development

Each age and stage of your child’s development marks an exciting new chapter on a journey full of milestones and challenges. To ensure your little one is provided with the best possible age-appropriate care and education, most Evolve centres have dedicated spaces specifically designed to optimise growth, learning – and fun – for each unique age group.



For babies to thrive, they need a calm, nurturing environment where they can establish strong connections and build loving, trusting relationships. At Evolve centres we work hard to develop one on one connections with every baby in our care. We have key caregivers and strive to follow each individual child’s home routines for sleeping and bottles. The daily flow in our nurseries is unhurried and gentle, giving our precious babies uninterrupted time to explore and learn, in an environment that’s warm, safe and loving. Just like home.


Our busy, energetic toddlers enjoy a curriculum that encourages adventure, inspires curiosity and builds confidence and independence. Evolve’s expert teachers empower little ones to take on new challenges, while also supporting the emotional, developmental and social needs of each child. With a curriculum underpinned by play-based early learning experiences, our toddlers explore languages, music and art, discover nature and science, and connect with friends, family and community through indoor and outdoor play, excursions, group work and solitary play.


Our innovative preschool programmes are specially designed to support your child through the transition from early learning into primary school. Your little one will thrive in our creative, fun-filled and positive environments where children are encouraged to develop their own identity, individuality and capabilities. Evolve curriculums build numeracy and literacy as well as social, emotional and physical skills, through a combination of play-based and teacher-led experiences, activities and excursions. This is an exciting time for children, and our highly regarded transition to school programmes are there to ensure your little one enters the next phase of their learning journey with joy, confidence and an eagerness to learn. We are here to help your child develop fundamental skills, not only for the next phase of their learning journey, but for life.

Our Vision

Creating centres that parents want their children to be at and children want to stay at because our people love what they do and where they work.

Our Values

  • Belonging
  • Nurturing
  • Learning
  • Respect
  • Playful

Our Mission

Understand the needs and aspirations of our children and families and exceed their expectations.

Create an environment and team culture that supports every staff member to excel and feel valued for their achievements.

Take a leadership position in the ECE sector for delivering the highest quality early childhood education.

Provide a healthy, happy, safe and inclusive environment for all our children and staff.

Contribute to the development and success of the communities that we serve.

Deliver value to all Evolve stakeholders by growing a strong and sustainable organisation.