Pascals St Johns Visits Butterfly Creek

This week the Kiwi infants and Tui toddlers from Pascals St Johns indulged their love of all things animal, with a fun day out at Butterfly Creek.

The chance to explore and connect with nature and broaden their knowledge of the animal kingdom made for an awesome excursion. Children got to travel back in time in the Dinosaur Kingdom and fire up their imaginations in Butterfly Creek’s newest exhibit, Mythic Creatures, which features everything from mermaids to unicorns. Other highlights included the tropical butterfly house and – for the lucky ones - a glimpse of New Zealand’s only saltwater crocs, Goldie and Scar. The journey to and from the venue was also a whole lot of fun.

Says centre manager Ellie Chung,” We travelled by a big bus together and really appreciate our whanau participation in making these rich experiences possible for the children.”