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  • Enquiry-based learning

    Our Active Explorers centres are a group of family-orientated, high quality vibrant and stimulating early childhood education centres where creative thinking is celebrated through enquiry-based learning. Here the love of learning is genuinely lived out. The busy, vibrant hum that greets you when you enter a Active Explorers learning centre tells you you’re in a place where children are engaged and absorbed and loving it.

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  • Community-based learning

    Learning Adventures are community-based, value-orientated early childhood education centres. These centres offer a warm, caring environment where children’s well-being comes first. Here the children are loved and nurtured, and learning is adventurous and experiential. These centres are a vital link in the communities they serve, places where we respect the diversity of children, backgrounds and ethnicity, and where whanau are very welcome. Learning Adventures is where we come together, and the children learn to be confident adventurers, with a strong connection to Aotearoa.

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  • Child-led learning

    Lollipops is a family-centred brand. These are high quality centres, with a natural theme. Lollipops embraces the spirit of freedom that every Kiwi child has the right to feel, our purpose-designed centres feel like the loving home our children left this morning. This is a uniquely New Zealand experience where your children blossom in partnership with our dedicated teachers, learning through Ako principles. Ako is inspired by the ‘Reggio’ teaching philosophy, which has the natural development of a child as its key pillar. With Reggio, children must have some control over the direction of their learning in partnership with their teacher and be able to learn through experiences observation and exploration, rather than simply receive instruction. It’s a relationship of mutual respect.

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  • Montessori-based learning

    Our warm and welcoming Thrive Montessori centres follow the teaching principles of Maria Montessori, helping nurture learners who are socially, academically and emotionally well-developed and ready for life’s challenges. Each of our centres is an appealing, purpose-built environment. We support our highly qualified teachers by resourcing each centre with high quality, carefully selected Montessori materials that support our children’s holistic learning experience.

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  • Research-led learning

    Pascals are inspirational places of learning for your child. These are Evolve’s centres of excellence, where we implement and lead research into best practice ECE. Pascals pioneers the very best enquiry-based learning; here we nurture our innovators and thinkers of tomorrow! Pascals uses the internationally acclaimed and forward thinking New Zealand early education curriculum Te Whariki as the basis for our interaction and teaching.

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  • Partnership-based learning

    Little Wonders welcomes you and your child to what we trust will be an extension of your home. By working together we provide an environment that promotes quality childcare and education. We take great pride in our high quality care, facilities and the positive outcomes we generate for children. Our childcare centres provide excellent facilities, quality educational equipment and programmes and well-qualified and caring teaching staff.

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